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VFR-Airfields Free





The work is done!

We redesigned VFR-Airfields Free for FS2004.
With this freeware package we want to give you an impression how we develope Airfields of general Aviation. You are able to find out what quality you will get in our payware products.

We are usind proved features and tried new features in this release.
Beyond we want to present work of new scenery designers. CR-Software helped those designers to create there flightsimulation work.


a) Airfields:

  • Backnang - Heiningen (EDSH)
  • Bad Saulgau (EDTU)
  • Segelfluggelände Renningen Malmsheim

These airfields where disigned by the CR-Software with the help of photo textures. We included the airfields souroundings in the aerodrome traffic circuit and added Landclass files for each airfield. We used the VTP technologies to design the detailed features in the aerodrome circuit.

  • Winzeln Schramberg (EDTW)

This airfields is the first design project of Andreas Möller. He wanted to have his homebase not only for real flying - this got reality now. The CR-Software team helped with know-how and the static objects. He also implemented the aerodrome curcuit with new technologies.His work looks very good for this we decided to include this airfield into our Freeware release.

b) Sightseeing objects / VFR relevant objects :

  • Burg Hohenzollern atHechingen
  • Schloss Lichtenstein atReutlingen
  • Kloster Birnau at lake constance
  • Burgruine Teck atKirchheim

The Burg Hohenzollern was redesigned and is again a part of VFR-Airfields Free. Schloss Lichtenstein was designed new and we added the correct roads and landclass files at its souroundings. Also Kloster Birnau is new in this package. You will find this at the eastern lakeshore of lake Constance. The Burgruine Teck was designed by Dietrich Steffen who is pilot at Hahnweide (VFR-Airfields Vol.1). It is a important VFR object near to Hahnweide. This scenery object is designed in GMax.
The CR-Software team supported him with some textures and made a mesh for this scenery (VFR-Airfields Mesh). For this Dietrich publishes project also in our Freeware. Users who still do not have a mesh scenery can download a mesh made with SRTM data from our website.

VFR-Airfields Free is also compatible with other mesh sceneries.

You can use VFR-Airfields Free in FS2002 and FS2004. It includes a automatic installation.

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