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VFR-Airfields Traffic     

Alot of Tools for AI-Traffic excist on the flightsimulation market. Unfortunately most of them do not support small airfields. CR-Software is specialised in designing Airfields or Gliding Areas. Only a few of them have AI-Traffic with the standard FS installation.

Together with Lukas Köhler we made a addon wich will integrate AI-Traffic to VFR-Airfields. Besides programming the taxiways and runways for AI we repainted a lot of FS2002 standard planes. We painted the airplanes in typical european colors and identifications.


To optimise VFR-Airfields traffic we install a patch for VFR-Airfields Vol.1 & Vol.2 to delete all static and dynamic planes. Unfortunately it is today not possible to install AI-Traffic on airfields with slope angles on runways. So we we did not integrate AI-Traffic to those airfields.

In a next expansion stage we want to integrate other aircraft types and other scenery packages.
Designers of airplanes can contact us and we try to implement it.

AI-Traffic in FS2002 and FS2004 works differently, so we desided only to install VFR-Airfields Traffic to FS2004.

VFR-AirfieldsTraffic.exe (19MB)

After we published VFR-Airfields Switzerland we also had to to some new work on our VFR-Airfields Traffic. We included airliner and general aviation traffic for use with Lugano.

This update already includes the update for VFR-Airfields 3.

VFR-AirfieldsTraffic-Update2.exe (8,7MB)

We also made an Update for VFR-Airfields Locarno. Several Aircrafts like Pilatus Porter PC-6 in military livery and Pilatus PC-7 will be located on the apron of Locarno..

VFR-AirfieldsTraffic-Update3.exe (8,9 MB)