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VFR-Airfields Vol. 2      


Our succesfull packaege contains 12 airfields in southern bavaria. The CD was published in spring 2003 and had some new features.

Besides the interesting gimmicks from VFR-Airfields Vol.1 we added following features:
  • dynamic Objects on all airfields (e.g. driving cars, planes taking off and landing again.
  • special FS 2002 effects ( smoke )
  • With the help of satelite pictures we added realistic Landclass.
  • Sightseeing for the bavarian castles
  • several Objects around the airfields where added..

For the bavarian castles and the glide area Untervössen we added a detailed Mesh.

After FS2004 was published we added several new highlights:

  • In Kempten Durach (EDMK) we added the slope angle to the runway
  • we added relavant objects for VFR flying e.g. Powerplants Isar 1 and Isar2.
  • We made some corrctions on several airfields e.g. the Donau bridge in Vilshofen.
    in Vilshofen

Airfields included in this package can be checked here.

We made some pictures of VFR-Airfields Vol. 1 to show you some interesting VFR flying in flightsimulation.