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VFR-Airfields Vol. 3      

Our newest Produkt will complete the area we started with VFR-Airfields Vol.2 with furthermore 12 Airfields in beautiful north bavaria.

As usual we visited all the airfields ourselves and made lots of photos.

We included again a lot of features, we already used in past projects.

  • dynamic wind sock and other signals
  • effects, e.g. smoking chimneys
  • we included several changes in the aerodrome circuit 
  • VFR-objects and sightseeing objects nearby the airfields
  • adjusted Landcalss
  • dynamic Traffic (Cars)
  • VFR Airfields Manager to configure the Scenery

We also included to this box a new version of VFR-Airfields Traffic. As an innovation we want to present you the photorealistic integration our airfields into the flight simulation landscape. Look at the smooth changeover between taxiway, runway and grass surfaces. With the help of special techniques we can design it in reality. Compared to photorealistic sceneries we have all these features in all seasons available.

With Hof - Plauen (EDQM) we finished our first regional airport. Call our Follow Me car wich will show you the way to your parking position. Fuel and catering trucks will supply you with everything you need.

Wait for a lot of other gimmicks in our sceneries. But another thing we want to whistle: If you fulfill a special naviagtion task, you will get another (number 13) airfield for free.

You will find a list of all airfields in VFR-Airfields Vol.3 here.

We made some pictures of VFR-Airfields Vol. 3 to show you some interesting VFR flying in flightsimulation.