German Landmarks

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German Landmarks

New project for the MS Flightsimulator not only for VFR-flying...

..... German Landmarks


While we developed the VFR-Airfields series, small airfields of general aviation in Germany, we always missed the relevant landmarks located all around Germany. Several projects had a few objects but nothing complete was excisting.

In the beginning of last year we decided to start such a complete project by ourselves. In the meantime this very easy looking job got a funny momentum. Beside the normal relevant landmarks you find in the VFR-map we also wanted to integrate sightseeing objects like castle, churches and so on.

The result of our effort to enhance the fun to fly VFR in flightsimulator in Germany will be available as a new addon with the title

German Landmarks

You will find the boxed addon in specialized trade.

The important features in detail :

  • Approximately 2000 objects publishe in the AIP of DFS are placed in Germany
  • After studying gliding databases, satelite pictures an more we set further 3000 for vfr flying relevant objects. Including castles, churches, monasteries, power plant, inner harbor, seaport, light house, factories and alot more.
  • We designed more than 800 different Objects and used further objects out of the FS2004 library to ensure a variety of objects while you fly.
  • The objects are displayed on a digital map where you can zoom into the area to view the name and place of the object.
  • The German landmarks are optimized to our mesh which will be located on the CD-Rom
  • If you still have an older PC-System you can change the object density to optimize your framrates

German Landmarks are compatibel to the following products:

  • All Roads of Europe
  • German Airports 1-4
  • Real Germany 1-3
  • VFR Airfields 1-3
  • Scenery Germany 1-3

For the different facilities we provide "German Landmarks Manager“ to give you the best possible solution with other addons.



Look at the screenshot.

CR - Software Team