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VFR-Airfields Vol.1      

In April 2002 we published this airfield collection. Although this type of produkt was different to a german airports collection, some of you simmers are using the VFR-Airfields. After we published VFR-Airfields 2 we found out the big difference in scenery design between both packages.

For this we designed VFR-Airfields 1 kompletly new for FS2004.
VFR-Airfields Vol.1 is located in Baden-Württemberg and is a good completion to VFR-airfields 2

New features and important changes:

  • We added two airfields, Mengen - Hohentengen (EDTM) and Donaueschingen/ Villingen (EDTD), both have the biggest GA traffic in Baden/Württemberg. Both where designed completely new and will complete VFR-Airfields Vol. 1up to 12 Airfields.
  • we added much better Objects with photoreal textures to the airfields collection. New Buildings where added to several airfields.
  • If runways have a slope angle like charts show us in Albstadt Degerfeld (EDSA) and Blaubeuren (EDMC) we added them to our sceneries. This makes take off and landings very interesting.
  • dynamic traffic on all airfields.
  • VFR Airfields Manager to configure the Scenery now also available for VFR-Airfields Vol.1
  • several objects where added (e.g.: Kochertalviadukt, Freiburger Münster)
  • specially designed Landclass at all airfields
  • Effects ( smoke at chimneys) included
  • We tried to implement the complete aerodrome circuit

Important Objects in the charts as streets, cities, railways, forrests and lakes where posiioned in new technologies (VTP lines and polys) with the help of satalite pictures. With the help of these objects landings are much more realistic.

Airfields included in this package can be checked here.

We made some pictures of VFR-Airfields Vol. 1 to show you some interesting VFR flying in flightsimulation.