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VFR-Airfields Switzerland      

Andreas Hegis' Second Coup

Andreas Hegi has made a big push designing the airfield

Locarno Magadino
( LSZL )

for the series "VFR Airfields Switzerland".


Thus, after Lugano airfield, another regional airport located in the marvellous district of Tessin is now available. Andreas managed to improve the landscape surrounding the airfield using state-of-the-art design techniques. This results in a more realistic impression of the beautiful scenery of mountains and lakes offering breathtaking scenic views of a wonderful country to the virtual pilot.

Romano Brunati, an officer in service, graduate of the swiss airforce flight training facility at Locarno and private pilot contributed detailed information about the field and his experience by beta-testing the scenery. This provides maximum accuracy even from an active pilot's point of view.

Let's have a look at the feature list:

1. Airport:

  • detailed photo real object textures including night textures
  • all objects designed using GMax and LOD to gain high performance display
  • photo realistic ground textures with soft transitions
  • Airport Layout adapted by AFCAD2
  • represents authentic AI Traffic with civil and military aircrafts
  • dynamic wind socks
  • animated radar
  • a number of authentic objects such as fuel trucks, military transport vehicles, jeeps, airport trucks
  • effects, e.g. smoking chimneys
  • several helipads

2. Surrounding Area of the airfield (approx. 60*60km):

  • redesigned custom mesh
  • replacing the default flatten commands on lakes, high voltage transmission lines, roads, rivers and railroads - resulting in substantially nature-more faithful representation
  • some missing bridges included
  • using default LIBRARY Objects such as antennas and sailing boats
  • custom autogen for the user of Switzerland Professional

3. Compatibility:

  • with Switzerland Professional of Flylogic
  • All roads of Europe from FSQuality
  • with Swiss land class Scenery of Ernst Bosshard
  • optimized on the Mesh of LAGO it will however match with all other exact Mesh Sceneries


  • the scenery is not compatible with the FS2002 or earlier versions (GMax with newest BGLComp SDK as used by the author is supported by FS2004 only and will work at least with next version of Microsoft Simulator)

4. miscellaneous :

  • Manual with Charts as PDF