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Bug we found in Flightsimulator 2004

1. First comments:

while we where redesigning VFR-Airfields Vol.1 for FS2004 we found something out:

Some airfields are postioned differently as they where positioned in older FS versions. 

We thought of that Microsoft did this because of better data.

2. Example Konstanz (EDTZ):

a) Start situation:

We designed Konstanz for FS2002 and took the runway of FS2002 to our reference.
The airplane if you choose in
World / Airportmenue a start situation will be placed right on the runway.

In FS2004 we found out that the plane was placed far away from the runway.

In the screenshot you can see the start position of our FS2002 runway. South of this runway you can identify the FS2004 runway.

This is the arfield designed with different coordinates by Microsoft.

b) Check:

Which one has the correct position?

We took our DFS Chart and looked at the coordinates.

The reference airport point is at:

47 40 58 North and 09 08 18 East 

If you activate the coordinate display in FS2004 you can see the possition where the plane is located.

e) Result:

The position of VFR-Airfields and FS2002 have the correct coordinate like our airport chart.
The FS2004 runway is to south and for this

located incorrect.

We found another airfield which is located wrong in FS2004, EDMG Günzburg Donauried.

3. Result:

We will design our airfields on the correct positions in the chart and not at the position of FS2004. Until we find out how to correct the position at World/ Airports
please choose our VFR-Airfields with the help of the Addon Scenery menu.

Your CR - Software Team

Christoph Rieger
Rolf Schon