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Kollisionen im FS

Some users are complaining about collision with the objects in our sceneries. We want to explain to how to fly with our sceneries having 'detecting collisions' in FS is active.

We are the only designers who programed Objects with collision. We did this because we wanted users to fla realistic. As long as you stay in the cockpit there is now trouble.

1. Scenario:

Realisticly you sit in the cockpit, the blue Point is your View point and the red one the crash detection point. Both are inside the plane and you can drive between the objects.

2. Scenario:

Now you want to watch your plane from outside. Watch the two Points! You see that both points are in the hangar, there where you watch at the plane. This causes the collision although your plane is far away from any object.

Now what should you do?

We still think it is realsitic to have the crashing objects. We can give you to hints in future:

  1. You always will keep in the cockpit View
  2. Or you deactivate the crash detection in your realism settings.